Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vision Council is still happening on the Land in Montana

Folks on the land in Montana are still counseling about next year's site for the annual gatheirng of the tribes of the rainbow family of living light. As soon as a consensus is reached, an announcement will be sent out by folks in the gathering currently in Montana. The news will be posted on this blog as soon as we know any thing.

Meanwhile, send good vibes to our family in council on the land.  Pray that the site will be selected by the prompting of the spirit and not by personal desires. I personally feel the spirit is calling us to Oregon but I am not on the land to express my voice. So I trust the spirit to send my prayers to the hearts of the people sitting in that circle.

Peace be with you.
Summer Breeze

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Holding the Vison for Oregon in 2014

My heart cries out for your majestic mountains and your lush green meadows, roaring springs and healing wild flowers. I first laid my eyes upon your mountains and meadows in 1997 when I journeyed to my very first rainbow gathering. Your essence has permanently become part of my soul land of Oregon. I savor those memories and cherish the moments that melded me into a new being all those years ago. It seems like only yesterday! The echoes ring in my dreams.

Welcome Home! Welcome Home family! We e eee LOVE YOuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!

Summer Breeze